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Bypass Chrome extensions and enjoy direct access to thousands of Apollo leads, all for a starting price of just $15.99. Elevate your sales strategy with our streamlined and cost-effective solution

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Introducing ExportApollo.io

Export Apollo redefines how you access Apollo leads - quick, easy, and affordable. Starting at just $15.99, say goodbye to hourly VAs and enjoy rapid exports in under five minutes. Opt for simplicity and efficiency with Export Apollo.

Quick Export: Your Leads Delivered in Under 5 Minutes

Access your leads faster than ever. Our service provides rapid export capabilities, delivering the data you need in under 5 minutes

Cost-Effective: Eliminate the Need for Hourly VAs

Break free from the traditional reliance on hourly virtual assistants. Our solution offers an economical and more efficient way, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Flexible Pricing: No Monthly Subscriptions

Enjoy our transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing model. With no binding monthly subscriptions, you have the flexibility to pay only for the leads you need, aligning your costs with your business needs.

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How to get started.

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Click the "Get your leads" button and start filling out the necessary info to ensure we have everything ready to send.

Wait up to 5 minutes

Once you've purchased a set of contacts, we'll need about 5 minutes to send them over to your email.

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Now that you have them, you're free to start your outbound campaigns!

Our Pricing

UNLIMITED - $2,000/mo
1,000 contacts
2,000 contacts
4,000 contacts
8,000 contacts
10,000 contacts
15,000 contacts
20,000 contacts
25,000 contacts
30,000 contacts
35,000 contacts
40,000 contacts
45,000 contacts
50,000 contacts

Supercharge Your Leads with Export Apollo

Unlock the power of effective lead scraping with Export Apollo. For as low as $15.99, bid farewell to the need for Chrome extensions and the cost of hourly VAs, and embrace speedy, efficient data extraction.


How does it work?

You paste your Apollo Search URL & get emailed a CSV of your Apollo Export

Do I Need An Apollo Account?

You don’t need a paid Apollo account. We recommend getting a free trial (and staying on the free trial) to make your search criteria and then pasting your Apollo Search URL into Apollo Export

What Fields Do You Give On The CSV?

Your CSV output will have First Name, Last Name, Email, LinkedIn Profile URL, City, Company Name, Website URL, Country, Title, Seniority, Department, State, LinkedIn Company URL, SubDepartment

How Long Does The Download Take?

Your list will take 5-10 mins to be emailed to you.

Is This A Chrome Extension?

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Do you offer support?

Yes, if you need help or assistance with your order - please email

Can I see a demo video?

Yes, please watch this video here

Can you do exports with Sales Navigator links?

We currently only offer Apollo Exports. If you need help exporting data from Sales Navigator, use . It works the same way. Paste a Sales Nav URL and receive an email with your file. No chrome extension needed.

Are these emails validated?

No, you’ll need to verify your emails. We recommend using MillionVerifer and then using Scrubby to verify your Catch-Alls

Do we need a subscription?

No, this is a pay-as-you-go service